The LCO Combo for type 4C curls
The LCO Combo for type 4C curls

The LCO Combo for type 4C curls

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Save at additional 18% with this 4 piece set which includes:

  1. A Hair Lotion to revitalize your curls as needed. Use it on any day, or apply it to your clean curls on wash day as a leave in conditioner (18oz)
  2. A Curl Cream. This rich, creamy, mighty product is Packed with oils and conditioning ingredients. Use it following the Hair Lotion on wash day for extra protection and nourishing (4oz)
  3. A Hair Balm. This is an oil based product that can be used as a last step to seal all the moisture in or to add shine to straight or curly styles. (4oz)
  4. As a bonus, get a portable Mini spray bottle that you can refill with water as needed. It's small enough to travel with if you need to be on the go!

This is a protective, loving trio to use on wash day to keep your curls moisturized and happy. Use this combination with the LCO method (Hair Lotion as L, Curl Cream as C, and Hair balm lightly as O) … Your curls will thank you!