4 Easy Styling Steps to a Rock Solid Haircare Routine for All Seasons

Caring for curls can feel complicated. Your hair will change based on a number of factors including the level of humidity in the air, the quality of your tap water,  genetics, and styling habits you've picked up over the years. The good news though is that you are in control. With the right product set, there is nothing you can't adjust to. 0 degree weather? No problem!

One of the reasons we love letting curls be in their natural but fully nourished and protected state(wash&go), is that those curls become very resilient. You could sleep on them, expose them to nearly anything, and they will take the pressure because they are "at ease". They won't go looking for moisture in the environment(frizz), or look dull because they are dehydrated. Let them be in their most natural state and you will be amazed. 

Like Mama Beyonce said in Black Parade... " These laid edges... I'ma let it shrivel up (shrivel up)"

Now, let's go over the only handful of styling products you'll ever need to find ease and reduce overwhelm. 

With this small selection of styling products, you'll have everything your hair needs from the moment you step out of the shower right up until your next wash day. ⁠

What's cool is that you can add or remove a step based on how your hair feels that day, and how much energy you have. Also, if you happen to have different types of curls on your head(like I do), then these steps give you the flexibility to adjust and style accordingly.

Ready? Let's break it down 👇🏾⁠ 

1️⃣ Start with the Hair Lotion. Run that through your curls and ensure that moisture touches every portion of your hair. ⁠

2️⃣ Nourish and start defining those curls by applying the Curl Cream. No need to have a heavy hand, we don't want to weigh down your hair. ⁠

3️⃣ Seal that moisture in and add a little shine and softness with the Hair Balm. This product will save your hair in these colder months coming up! ⁠

4️⃣ Top it all off with the lightweight Natural Styling gel. Your definition will last days after application. ⁠

All done! Go on and enjoy your gorgeous hair days to come! And if you feel at any point that your curls need a little pick me up(especially during the winter). Slightly dampen your curls with a spray bottle and repeat any of the steps above to come back to happy curls.

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