About Us

You might be thinking…."Oh boy, another curly hair product line…I have tried them all, what's this now?"
Well, it's simple! We felt compelled to create Iraba because like you, we weren't satisfied with the products we could find. 
If you choose Iraba, here are 2 promises we can make:  
1) Every ingredient used in any of our products is something that passes our "Iraba Standard" test, and that we are comfortable being exposed to. You can learn more about this on our product ingredients page.
Now let's face it, we only know what we know, and as science evolves new discoveries are made. As new information becomes available, we may make changes to the product line. Yes, we also read the "reports" of new studies that come out every now and then, contradicting prior ones, creating so much confusion!
The good news is our team is proudly geeky and happy to read studies for fun. So you can sit back and know that we've done the digging on your behalf. That being said, we’re always looking for new information, so if you're interested in this subject feel free to send us information. Just know not to trust everything you read online! We prefer to scour scientific research based content to support any claim.  
2) We will always make our products simple, practical, and easy to use. We look forward to getting to know what matters to you, so we can serve you better.
So please sign up for our Miss Iraba email updates, and get in touch with any feedback, or just to say hello! Also, head over to the blog for lots more.
With gratitude and much love,  -Team Iraba, the good people who continuously put in lots of work daily, to bring this cool idea (if we do say so ourselves) to life.