About Us

You might be thinking…."Oh boy, another curly hair product line…I have tried them all, what's this now?"
Well, it's simple! We felt compelled to create Iraba because like you, we weren't satisfied with the products we could find. 
If you choose Iraba, here are 2 promises we can make:  
1) Every ingredient used in any of our products is something that passes our "Iraba Standard" test, and that we are comfortable being exposed to. You can learn more about this on our product ingredients page.
Now let's face it, we only know what we know, and as science evolves, new discoveries are made. As new information becomes available, we'll adapt. Yes, we also read the "reports" of new studies that come out every now and then, contradicting prior ones, and creating so much confusion!
The good news is our team is proudly geeky and happy to read studies for fun. So you can sit back and know that we've done the digging on your behalf. That being said, we’re always looking for new information, so if you're interested in this subject feel free to send us information. Just know not to trust everything you read online! We prefer to scour scientific research-based content to support any claim.  
2) We will always make our products simple, practical, and easy to use. We look forward to getting to know what matters to you, so we can serve you better.
So please sign up for our Miss Iraba email updates, and get in touch. Give us feedback, or just to say hello! Also, head over to the blog for lots more.
With gratitude and much love,  -Team Iraba, the good people who continuously put in lots of work daily, to bring this cool idea (if we do say so ourselves) to life.

 A quick note from our founder:


I am so happy you're here! Years ago, as a child, natural hair was an enigma for me. At first, I was curious. I wanted to see what would happen if it grew long. At the time, long natural hair wasn't acceptable in "the culture" around me. The only options were buzz cuts, flat top(yep!), braided, or relaxed.

Back then, I was too young for a relaxer, and when I would get my hair braided, spontaneous tears would start rolling down my cheeks. This would happen when a specific part of my scalp was pulled tight, and it happened every single time!  Given all this, there was only one acceptable hairstyle choice: short.  I was probably 4 or 5 years old when I first wondered...what happens if it gets long? And also, why is a relaxer the only viable option? I wondered why hair seemed to be such a big deal, but couldn't quite put my finger on a good answer. In some ways, I am still trying to answer that question here.

Today, buzz cuts are out of style for young girls, and relaxers are no longer the holy grail of black hair. Many of us rotate between protective styles, which comes with its own set of issues. Sadly, hair remains a silent struggle that dangerously skirts self-esteem territory. Fortunately, the terms "Good Hair" and "Bad Hair" are also slowly falling out of style. What they represent though, is still real, and you know it. 

My conviction is that all curly hair types will look good and be easy to handle if we care for them with an open mind, and with the right tools. I am committed to curating and formulating those tools here. We won't stop until curly hair stops being a source of grief.

Finally, we're a bit extra about our ingredients (the nerdy engineer in me can't help it :)) so take a minute to learn more about that here.
I hope we get to know each other better so we can serve you best. Give our approach a try, and tell us how we're doing!


Please always remember that You are incomparable. If you ever forget, email me, and I'll remind you!

Much Love,