5 reasons to bow down to talented hairstylists

Are you gifted enough to style your own hair? I can do a good enough job, enough to get by but when a true stylist gets involved the game is at a whole new level. Here is to all you talented stylists who quite frankly should get more recognition.

  • 1. Styling hair is art.
  • Styling hair requires a vision, hand-eye coordination, incredible patience, confidence, and a special touch to bring it all together. Styling kinky, curly, or coily hair requires even more skill because one head is different than the next and most problematic: the vast majority of people with curly hair have some type of damage accumulated from the struggle to look a certain way, so curls will typically not be uniform. 

  • 2. Styling hair is about so much more than hair
  • If the technical challenge was not big enough, hair has the potential to carry so much of our self-confidence, that a stylist has to navigate all the emotions that the person brings to their chair. The great ones know how to make you feel better no matter what, they have developed the skills to listen while they work, or tell you stories that will distract you from what you don't want to talk about. If you are reading this, I am sure you can think of someone who has managed to make you feel amazing on a day you did not feel so hot. 

  • 3. Clients can be so difficult!
  • You know how it is! You sit in that chair, expecting for the stylist to work miracles. You want him/her to turn you into someone you have seen in a well-photoshopped picture, with perfect light that reflect the curls just so. In some cases, you might even be looking to imitate a wig. Or worse, you have no idea what it is you want, you come in and just ask to come out looking "fabulous". Truthfully some of these professionals are miracle workers! Let's do better ladies, get to know and appreciate your curls, be open to what it might look like, and it is okay if it doesn't look that a photo you have seen…this is real life. 

  • 4. Keeping up with all the new trends is hard work!
  • Every few months, a new trend comes up, for those who are old enough to remember the "jerry curl", the history of black hair is rich and diverse, do a quick search and your head will quickly start to spin. Here is a note of appreciation for all the stylists who find time between home, working crazy hours, to keep up with all the trends, kudos to you. 

  • 5. A few bad apples have given the profession a bad reputation
  • There was a time I loathed visiting the hair salon, and having a relaxer (yep…we're talking wayy back) forced these visits. In many places, stylists can be self-proclaimed, poorly trained, or overly confident, leaving clients full of regret. So for the great stylists, who are not great at self-promotion, it's that much harder. Do you know a great stylist you could recommend? Would love to create a list, by city. Leave a comment below, and let us know!!

    Let's Start Off the list here with some Celebrity HairStylists:

    If you've been keeping up with the Black Panther crew, you know @vernonfrancois. Lupita Nyongo's favorite. His insta pic:

    Vernon Francois

    Remember Viola Davis' gorgeous Afro at the Golden Globes? That was the work of Jamika Wilson @jamikawilson. Her insta pic:

    If you are a fan of the show Blackish, then you've seen the work of Araxi Lindsey @araxi_by_appointment_only, she heads the Hair department on the show and we love it. Her insta pic:

    Who's your favorite stylist? 

    Let us know here or on @irabacosmetics

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