Are You Wasting Conditioner?

Do you love a time-saving tip as much as I do? I'm definitely hair-lazy and will take efficiency any day. Read on if you can relate!

Let's tackle something basic today: What's the point of conditioning? As in...what is it for?


We've established that Shampoo cleans your scalp to get rid of any dirt, dust, pollution, sweat, and excess sebum that you've accumulated on your hair (I know this sounds a little nasty, but it is what it is!). The cleansing process is needed but can also leave your curls "naked", and a little fragile. This is why a gentle shampoo is your friend.

Now on to conditioning:

Think of applying conditioner as dressing your curls, coating them so they can be protected, and so that they can move easily without getting scratched up. Makes sense?

So…you've selected a great conditioner…are you using it right? Here are a few tips to consider:

  1. Generously apply it along the length of the curls
  2. Don't apply it to your scalp…Your scalp, if healthy, produces sebum, so, really, you're good there, focus on applying the conditioner to the curls
  3. Leave it in for a few minutes! Let it do its thing, don't rinse it out right away! If you're in the shower, maybe wash the rest of your body first, then return to rinse out the conditioner. You'll thank me later ;)
  4. If you're using the Iraba Tangle Melt Conditionerdon't rinse all of it out! Rinse out just enough to get rid of excess product and foam, but don't scrub it all out! Your hair should feel soft, remember that there is Argan oil and Shea butter in there, you don't want to wash it all out down the drain!!

Makes sense? Let me know if you have any questions, and here's a little video for you. 

Finally don't are Incomparable!

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