How do you Care for Type 4 hair Specifically? 

This very curly hair is the most fragile hair texture of all! It's densely packed, but don't mistake that for toughness. ⁠

When caring for your type 4 hair, ensure you're handling it gently and utilizing low manipulation styles when you can. Take your time when caring for your hair. Here are a few rules we like to follow:

  • Only Handle it when it is well moisturized
  • If you feel resistance, stop and take a moment to release the knot or tangle. Use a loosening conditioner to help release the tangle, then move on
  • Your hair loves water. Moisturize it often either with a spray bottle and water, or by wetting it in the shower. The more your hair sees water, the easier time you will have detangling it. Of course, every time you wet it, seal that moisture back in with one of the sealing/styling products we've prepared for you. This will help your hair to keep that moisture in longer. 
  • If you want to manipulate your hair less, put it up and away! When your hair is protected from the elements, your curls will be less exposed, and less likely to quickly dry out again.

Here are some of our favorite low manipulation styles: ⁠

👉🏾 Buns ⁠and other updos⁠
👉🏾 Bantu knots⁠
👉🏾 Twists⁠
👉🏾 Cornrows ⁠
👉🏾 Braids ⁠

Just make sure you don't put too much tension on your edges, and always add moisture!⁠

What's your favorite style to wear your hair in?⁠

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  • Absolutely love updo cornrows.

    Grace Munyakazi-Conner

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