How Humidity Affects Curls And What To Do

Summer is definitely here, with its hot days. You don’t need to check the weather forecast, the texture of your hair tells you just how damp the air is. Humidity has this way of turning pretty curls into fuzzy frizz. You can walk outside with perfect coils, only to find them flat against your head a few minutes later. Humid weather and curly hair can be challenging, but you can't stay under the protection of your air conditioner, indoors forever. It's summer for crying out loud!

Humidity has a way of returning hair to its natural state by causing curls to want to “pop”. Straight hair turns wavy and curly hair gets frizzy.

Why does this happen?

When curls are not fully moisturized, they tend to get attracted to the moisture in the air. The water vapor in the air engages with your curls. Thirsty curls will go looking for water anywhere they can! Overly dry hair is therefore especially vulnerable to humidity.

This can be frustrating. The good news though is: believe it or not, if your curls are perfectly moisturized, they won’t care that the air is humid, and you can keep the frizz problem to a minimum.  

Here are some tips that could help you get the most out of your summer while rocking your curls.

The styles that actually work best are:

  • Super moisturized wash&gos. And by this, I mean when your curls are so moisturized they clump together perfectly and impress you 😊 Really we shouldn’t be calling this style a wash and go, there sure is lots going on between the washing and going! But you know what I mean! If not, stay tuned, we’ll be talking more about this style in the very near future.
  • Updos…less chance of sweat disturbing your curls. If your hair is long enough, a bun is always a great option. Try to gently tie your hair into a loose knot, either on the back of your head or as a topknot. You can of course also do an elaborate updo, check out our Instagram/Pinterest feeds for some inspiration
  • You could also try wearing braids, twists, or Bantu knots for a couple of days and then unravel for wider curls of your choice

Also, if you’re going to be out on the beach or in the sun, think of your skin too. Wear sunscreen or a hat!

So there you have it, simple and easy tips on how you can actually manage your curls in the humid weather. Go ahead and embrace the summer heat, having a wonderful hair day.

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