Ms. B.'s approach to caring for her locks

We got a chance to sit down with Miss B. who was kind enough to share her experience on her lock journey. She wanted a style that would give her peace of mind, and so far, Locks have delivered. Here is some of what she shared.
What other styles have you tried?
My hair has been relaxed, texturized, and locked. I have very tight curls, so when it was natural, it was hard to manage, when it was chemically treated, it always broke off eventually, often at the crown. I could never retain length, so I had to keep it quite short.
I also never enjoyed getting braids or extensions, so often my hair was just kept short.
Now, just 2.5 years after starting my locks from a very short afro, my hair is the longest it has ever been and it's quite easy to maintain.


How were your locks started?
They were started as twists. My hair was very short at the time so they had to make the twists quite small. It has worked out well for me. My locks are often mistaken for braids.
What's your routine?
I live in a place with very harsh winters. The air is very dry, so I try to oil my scalp a couple of times a week with the hair balm. Up to 3 times in the winter.
When my ends look stiff, I will add a little hair lotion to soften them.
Every other week, I shampoo and condition my hair, let it dry completely, then oil my scalp and apply lotion to the locks.
I also use a little color to cover grays.


How often do you maintain the locks and address new growth?
After about 2 months, I get my locks maintained professionally using crochet
Any tips for anyone thinking about getting locks?
Keep your locks covered when you sleep or are just around the house, it helps them stay protected from lint and shedding.
Great! Thanks for sharing!
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