How to achieve a Great but Lazy Wash & Go on Tightly Curly hair

"I love my hair, but I'm just lazy" ⁠

Ease is a big part of what we believe in. It's great for curls to look perfect, but if it's going to take hours and hours to do, is it all worth it? We'd say on most days...probably not! We most definitely fall closer to the lazy natural category than anywhere else 🙈⁠

We want to make taking care of your coils and curls fun, not a draining drag. So here it is, the Iraba lazy wash&go. ⁠

The biggest thing to remember is that the more often you wash (or cowash between shampoos), the quicker your wash day will be. Water from the shower is brilliant at keeping curls separated and moisturized. 

📷: Anna Shvets

1️⃣ Start by Co-washing your hair with our Tangle Melt Conditioner, squeeze off the excess water and take this time to detangle.⁠
2️⃣ Apply the Hair Lotion from root to tip, do this quick before tangles have time to form. Your hair will just soak up the product which will act like a primer for the next steps
3️⃣ Apply the Curl Cream. This will help with definition and nourishing the hair with over 12 oils. ⁠
4️⃣ Last but not least, apply our Natural Styling Gel. Designed to be lightweight but still holds, defines and leaves an easily breakable cast on the hair.⁠

Even with quick or sloppy application your curls will be juicy, defined and poppin!⁠

The beauty of using these 3 products is that you don't have to be as careful in application as if you were using just the gel. It's a great way to cut corners a bit but still achieve great results!

Ps. If you want to stretch your curls you can do the banded method! ⁠

What's your favorite wash&go routine? ⁠

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