Is a wash and go for me if I have very curly hair?

While that's a question you will have to answer for yourself based on what you like to do to your hair, and how you like your hair to look, here are a few key things to consider before you decide. Above all, I really encourage you to try the wash and go for yourself. Even if the style doesn't turn out so great the first few times, you'll learn a lot about your hair along the way. Do you promise to try at least 3 times? Yes, 3 times! And here is why:


"Learning to style a Wash and go is kinda like making mayonnaise, it's easy to mess it up at first. Once you find what works, things get easier from there."


📷: Josue Ladoo Pelegrin

 Here are just a few of the reasons your wash and go could fail:

  • The current state of your hair - dehydrated curls don't pop
  • The products you are using - some products don't play well together
  • The way you are applying the products - you could be using too much or too little product
Before we go further into what to expect, let's agree on a few things:
1. Your hair will shrink up. Let it do that. Embrace the shrinkage!
2. You have to start with hair that is in good condition, the first time around, make sure you deep condition your hair by leaving your favorite conditioner in for a while. Try ITMC.
3. Commit to washing your hair more often. The amount of time you can get away with between washes will depend on where you live and what your hair is like, but as soon as your hair starts to look tired, hop in the shower and wash & go again. You will find that your hair will get easier to deal with as you go, and your wash and go will get quicker and quicker each time around. If you are washing more regularly, it's ok to skip the shampoo and rinse with conditioner (co-wash). Switch back to shampoo as soon as your scalp feels dirty.
4. Finger detangle your hair carefully and make sure you apply the styling gel evenly, all over your hair from root to tip. Please work in sections, it will be quicker, you'll use less product and get better results. Rake that product in!!
5. Once the hair is dry and your curls are defined, use a little oil to break the slight gel cast. Try the Iraba Hair Balm for this.
If your hair starts to feel dry, prepoo or deep condition on Shampoo day, and then get back to your wash and go, your curls will feel soft again.

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