Is it time for Mini-twists?

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Do you sometimes get tired of handling your hair on a daily basis? Every year, once or twice, I get to that point. In this mood, all the time I am willing to devote to my hair is 5 minutes tops.
When this happens, I know it's time for mini twists (or any other protective style). There are a few reasons I am a big fan of mini twists, specifically:

  • Mini twists are so versatile!

Sometimes you want to take a break from the big hair, maybe you're going on a trip or you'll be super busy….put in a couple of hours to install mini twists, and you'll be set for a while! You can wear them up, down, you can twist or braid them. Your imagination is the only limit

  • Installing them is a good chance to inspect your curls and trim if needed

I find that when I am installing mini twists, I am paying close attention to each part and can, therefore, spot any areas to trim. Mini twists also look best when the ends are clean and trimmed, with no stringy, pointy ends
  • You check for length and retain length

If retaining length is a goal for you, you'll love these. By tucking your curls away, you'll be protecting them from breaking from over manipulation. When you take your twists down, you will likely notice that you have retained quite a bit of length!

  • It's like having braids with no extensions

Does this count as a reason? I'd say so, simply because taking down twists with extensions can be a headache sometimes

  • They protect that hairline!

One of the biggest reasons extensions are used when twisting or braiding, is that extensions allow the braids to last longer, and they allow each braid to have more volume or more length. This is great of course, but your hairline can pay the price.

Your edges may or may not be able to withstand the weight and constant manipulation. Think about your edges. Look at how fragile they are, if they are, and think about the style they are able to hold without breaking. If you are going to add extensions, work with a stylist who will install them in such a way that your hairline is protected

  • You can make them as small as you want!

How patient you are is the only defining factor in how small you can make your mini twists. Some mini twists are so small that from a distance it's hard to tell that they are mini twists

Be Careful though!! If you do install mini twists, make sure you don't keep them in for too long, you don't want to cause matting.

Our favorite method for installing twists at the moment:

  1. Start with clean hair and a clean scalp

  2. Start with stretched curls, you will have an easier time creating sections and twisting

  3. Part your hair into several sections, and work 1 section at a time. 

  4. Carefully detangle each section before starting to twist. Spray it with some water, and use the Hair Lotion and Hair Balm to worth through any tangles. Take your time and be gentle. The Hair Lotion will loosen the tangles while the Hair Balm seals the curls and provides slip. Take extra care here to moisturize and seal your curls, remember you are about to put them away a while!

  5. Start with even parts. DO NOT twist strands with uneven amounts of hair. Borrowing from another part will make it very difficult to take down your twists later

  6. To save some time, If you have a blow-dryer, consider using it on low heat to slightly stretch out the curls for faster twisting

  7. The key to the twists staying in place is to twist tight, let the twists guide your fingers down the twists. Chinwe Juliet of igbo curls, does a good job at explaining the right and wrong way of twisting in this video

    8. Finally, put on your favorite music, podcast, audiobook, or whatever else makes time fly, and get twisting. Another time-saving tip: Make larger twists towards the middle and the back of your head, no one will notice and you know what's cool? You can always rework any twists later if you have to.

    Are you going to try your hands at mini twists? Let us know how it goes!!


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