How to use Iraba - Quick Start Guide



Gentle shampoo: Only apply it to your scalp, don't scratch your scalp with nails, this will help to clean and refresh your scalp.

Tangle melt conditioner: Use it as a deep conditioning, apply it generously along the length of each strand starting from the root to the tip. Once the conditioner has been applied, let it sit and do its magic for a few minutes

hair lotion

Hair lotion: Apply it from root to tip and as often as needed to keep curls fresh and protected. If the hair is dry, spray a little bit of water then follow with a little bit of lotion for hair that looks and feels fresh

curly cream

Curl cream: Spray water to each section or work on wet hair, carefully apply a small amount of it to each small section, roller it before applying to your hair. so be sure to apply just enough cream to let it get absorbed by your hair.,

hair balm

Hair balm: Apply the balm along the length of each strand starting from root to tip and roller it to avoid frizz. This product is great to use both on wash day or any day and does not contain any water


style gel

Natural styling Gel: Separate hair into several small sections, carefully apply the gel from root to tip, use your fingers to ensure the strand has been covered from root to tip    and let your curls dry. To reduce frizz, avoid manipulating your hair during the drying process. This gel will also help to do the different styles you want.


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