Planning on Wearing a Straight style? Keep these 4 Things in Mind

Once in a while, it's fun to change things up and wear a straight style. Just be careful not to use too much heat! Here are 4 things to keep in mind, if you're thinking about straightening your hair.

Keep your Ends/Tips protected

If you have curls, your hair will very quickly get bigger again. Wrap it at night or twist it up, then apply the hair balm to the tips of the hair when you take it down. This will let you wear this style longer. Remember that hair is able to absorb an absurd amount of oil. Don't be afraid to apply lots of oil (balm) to your tips.

Stay away from Water(Just for Now)

Curls normally love water, but while you're wearing this style...stay away from water and products that contain water/Aqua - check the ingredient list!

Use a Heat Protectant

Pro tip: As you blow dry and lightly flat iron to get this style, stay gentle with the curls and avoid heat damage by using a heat protectant before you start the drying process. The Iraba Hair Lotion is one.

Let your Curls recover

Last but not least...try not to do this too often! Your curls want to curl, fighting them to keep them straight can weaken them over time.

Do you wear you hair straight at times?

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