Victoria on Living a Creative Life and finding Encouragement through the Journey

We were so impressed with the super talented Victoria Simba, and hope you are as delighted as we were with this wide ranging conversation. Enjoy!

Could you tell us a bit about yourself?

My name is Victoria and I’m a black-Canadian in my early-late twenties (haha, if you know, you know) living in Ottawa who loves God and loves people. I’m a public servant by day, a part time master’s student by night and a business entrepreneur managing two businesses: Victorious Caps and Victorious Moments Photography. I’m a creative at heart and have always been ever since I can remember. I’m glad it’s something I was always encouraged for when younger because now I don’t struggle nor am I ashamed to let that flow in everything that I do.

What gave you the idea to start Victorious Caps. Do you remember that moment?

Yes, I certainly do remember that moment. Before Victorious Caps became what it is today, it started with me trying to encourage myself to be strong. I was going through a tough time while studying abroad and I really needed to pick myself up from the floor and believe in myself and in who God made me to be. I was just designing some screen savers at the time with bible scriptures. I remember how encouraged I was doing that, that when I came back home to Ottawa I knew I needed to create something that would encourage others as well. I knew I wasn’t the only one who had struggled with depression and struggled with thoughts of feeling worthless and weak and incapable. That is essentially what drove me to start Victorious Caps.

That’s incredibly inspiring! 

What’s the most exciting part of your work today?

The most exciting part of my work today, honestly is seeing my vision come to life. I design everything myself while my supplier will assemble the clothing or hats so when I design something, it’s literally by faith. Although I have a digital idea of what the end product will look like, there is no guarantee it’s going to come out exactly how I would have wanted or envisioned it. I mean it’s happened when stuff have not come out exactly as I have planned, so when things get executed exactly like I have envisioned it, then I legit do a dance party. It’s such an awesome feeling of victory.

How do you remain inspired or get motivated when things get hard? Any tips you could share?

Haha! This is such a good question! To be honest it’s hard. I find myself always trying new things. I mean if we factor in this pandemic, it’s been really challenging to remain inspired and get motivated but what works for me is taking a break and a step back. I don’t believe you can pour from an empty cup. I like to promote rest. If nothing seems to work, take a break! For me, as a Christian, whenever I notice that I am getting frustrated with myself for lacking inspiration, I take a break to spend more time reading the bible and praying. It’s a time to reflect on God’s goodness and all that he’s blessed me with. That always refreshes me and allows me to have a grateful heart which then creates motivation. I encourage you to try it, it will bring you such a beautiful amount of peace, I promise.


Could you share an interesting story that has happened since you started Victorious Caps?

Quite a few interesting stories I have in mind, but one that I would like to share is the fact that my mom one summer took two of my new products: a bucket hat and a dad hat to France when visiting her parents and the rest of my family. I thought she only took it for herself, only to find out a few months later that my grandpa had been wearing it every single day ever since she brought it to him. My grandpa is in his late eighties and loves my hats and wears them daily haha! His name is Victor! That’s why this story is interesting to me cause wow, look at a man who I was named after, wearing a product from my brand that I somewhat named after me or rather after the significance of my name! So cool!

I love that! 

You have beautiful visuals on your website and clearly have an eye for design. Has it always been the case?

I do think it has always been the case, it’s of course developed and matured as I’ve grown and learned new things. I was always one to pay attention to detail though. Growing up I loved making PowerPoints just for fun. After finishing a book, I’d create PowerPoint decks for the characters, like I’d have a slide for each character with real actors’ pictures (from google) that I thought fit the characters’ description from the books. Haha, super random, I know but I always loved making things pretty and till this day, if I’m in a group project, I’ll fight someone just so I get to do the PowerPoint deck. Haha!

😊 Super creative! 

We’re always on the lookout for beautifully designed products that are also functional, could you tell us about your Satin lined products?

Satin lined products are the real deal. I hate winter you guys, I really do because everything is dry and bulky and I always feel discouraged to try and look cute because layers ruin everything, including winter hats. I love beanies though, because I don’t play with the cold, but I had to make it work for me somehow and also for all my natural sisters who for years have been telling me they can’t wear my beanies because it sucks moisture from their hair. I listened and came out with this product which I’m glad is being well received by literally everyone, no matter their hair texture.


You have fabulous look books, what’s your favorite season so far?

Thank you so much! Spring is my favorite! Maybe I’m biased because my birthday is in April, but summer is too hot, and fall although it’s beautiful and makes for stunning photos, it announces that winter is coming and I dislike winter so, Spring it is! 
Spring is also a wonderful opportunity to reset and refresh. I have a new spring collection dropping soon and that’s exactly what it’s going to do. The colors are so fresh and vibrant. A great way to announce the end of winter.

Switching gears a bit, what are your thoughts on social media/branding/today's media landscape?

Hmm, good question. To answer generally, it’s great. I grew up creating websites on piczo, if you remember piczo, you’re a real one! I was also a huge Tumblr user, the OG’s know this one too. I loved these platforms and if I can say, these were the genesis of social media, at least for millennials. Back then, it was such a great way to display your creativity and your passions and also connect with people who were just like you. Today’s social media landscape still retains the same functions and underlying features such as being able to connect you to people who are just like you and sometimes even helping you develop a talent or a skill you didn’t know you had.

Now there’s obviously a downside to social media as so many people are starting to realize, but I want to talk about the business side/branding side of social media and the dark side of it being comparison. I think this issue is also present with personal pages, but as a business, comparison is possible literally thanks to social media. I struggled with this early on and cared a lot about numbers – number of followers, number of likes. I even had an app that let me know who unfollowed me, and I would get so bitter when I’d see new unfollows especially from people I knew personally. Until one day, I remembered why I’m here. Why my brand is here and what my goal is.

Social media should be used to share what you have inside of you. It should be used to share your light, your gift and your message. It’s hard to do that and not absorb some of the other stuff, but trust me it’s the best way to go about it. 

I couldn’t agree more! 

Anything else?

Remember that you are unique and that no one is like you. Some people may have the same features, the same name, the same ideas but no one has the same elements that make you, you. Find yourself and learn to love yourself.


Where could people find you?

You can find me on Instagram @victorious.caps and on Facebook – Victorious Caps and you can shop online at, I have a brand new Spring collection dropping soon, so please do check it out!

Thanks so much for doing this. We like to remind our people how incomparable they are. It’s inspiring to speak to someone who is living their creativity. Thanks for your time!

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