What does "Healthy" hair really mean?


So it turns out that hair is...Dead!

For real! That's why when you cut it, it doesn't hurt...makes sense right?

So, when we say "bring your fro to life", remember that we're speaking figuratively. It also means that when we say "healthy" hair, we don't mean healthy like your body is healthy, what we mean is "not damaged".

You may have heard this before, you should think of your hair more like a piece of very precious material, like silk

Think about your favorite shirt, sometimes it's wrinkled, with time it fades…and if you iron it too hot…well…you know what happens.

Hair treatments can be great at improving the appearance of the hair in the short term, but if you keep mistreating the curls, it will show. True damage is often non-reversible, that's why we are so particular about picking gentle ingredients over harsh ones!

How do you think of your curls?

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