You've Washed, you've Gone, and now...What a Mess!

Ok my dear, let's troubleshoot. First off...don't feel bad. I've been there, done many times, it's not even funny. Remember, we agreed that you'd try the wash and go at least 3 times before you give up. (If not, make sure you sign up so we keep in touch on these things).

Here are a few problems you might be facing:

  1. Tangles and knots.
  2. No definition, curls won't curl, or so many different types of curls it doesn't look like much
  3. Hair looks dull
  4. You see curls, but they are all stuck together

What to do?

Now...there are a few things that can contribute to a wash and go that's not ideal, so before addressing the specific issues above, let's make sure you are doing the following:

    • What's the condition of your curls, are they dry to begin with? Should you spend some time replenishing moisture? If so, make sure you give your curls the repair they need: Treat yourself to a deep conditioning session. This doesn't have to be fancy. You can take your favorite conditioner and leave it in for a while, apply a cap and let it do its thing.
    • Is it just time to wash your hair? One promise you make to yourself, when you start doing 'wash&go's is that you will spend less time in the shower, but you will wash more often. It's a tradeoff. I think it's worth it! Anthony Dickey, celebrity hairstylist and author of Hair Rules's take on the wash and go and how often you should do them:


Tangles and Knots Co-wash again, apply more gel. Consider washing more often and applying enough product to properly coat and protect each curl
Little definition Did you stop too soon? Try applying more light gel to cover each curl and give it the freedom to pop into its natural shape without getting stuck to the next curl
No definition

If you are using an oil, try skipping it to see if your curls will form.

Do you have heat damage? If so, do a series of deep conditioning treatments, if the damage is still there, trim the damaged portions off

Hair Looks dull More moisture(water), be sure to seal in the moisture with your favorite oil or cream
Curls are stuck together Let your curls dry completely before putting them in a bun. If you'd like to leave your hair out. Use a spray bottle to spritz your hair with a little water and a little balm or lotion.


What's your favorite trick for a flawless wash&Go? I'd love to hear it!

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