All about the Starter Set

The "delicate florals" range was designed for you, and your kids' curls.

The "Starter Set" includes:

  • A "Gentle Shampoo" to clean the scalp gently. Apply the products on the scalp, and massage with the tips of your fingers, avoiding the use of nails. It is not necessary to apply the shampoo to the hair itself. Once the shampoo has been applied over the entire surface of the scalp while massaging to clean, rinse with warm water. If necessary, repeat this step a second time.
  • A "Tangle Melt Conditioner", which unravels the curls while hydrating them with Argan oil. Apply the conditioner generously along the length of each strand starting from the root to tip. It is not necessary to apply the conditioner on the scalp as it is made to improve the condition of each hair strand. Once the conditioner has been applied, let the conditioner act for 2-3 minutes, and rinse only the excess product.
  • A moisturizing "Hair Lotion" that will allow you to condition, and moisturize your hair every day as needed, allowing you to revive a look, and keep your curls looking fresh.
  • A "Detangling Brush" that allows you to detangle your hair without breakage! Once the hair is clean and moisturized but still wet, proceed by small sections and gently brush the hair to detangle and dislodge naturally shed hair that tends to create knots when not removed. Be as gentle as possible during this process, take small enough sections for the brush to glide easily through the curls.
  • A "Hair Balm" that allows for sealing the moisture in. This balm is made with the natural oils of Shea, Argan, Castor, and Jojoba among others, which have been chosen especially for their fatty acid contents and amazing ability to soften curls.

Once the hair is clean and moisturized, style as desired!



  • If your hair is long, it is very important not to create unnecessary knots. Before washing, part it into 4 sections, and shampoo each section individually. It will save you time!
  • Don't completely rinse off the "Tangle Melt Conditioner". By only rinsing the excess product out, you will save yourself some time by starting with conditioned hair.
  • Never comb curls that are too dry - you will break some for sure! If your hair is dry, refresh the curls by adding a little water (if necessary) and by moisturizing with the "hair lotion", the curls will then become manageable again, and you will be able to style with a smile :)