Iraba Styling Set
Iraba Styling Set

Iraba Styling Set

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With this unique styling kit, you'll have everything your hair needs from the moment you step out of the shower right up until your next wash day. ⁠Any style you can think of can be achieved with these.

This 5 piece set includes:

  1. Hair Lotion that will allow you to revitalize your curls as needed: 
    Apply to leave in. Reapply as often as required (8oz)
  2. Curl Cream. This creamy, mighty product is Packed with oils and conditioning ingredients. Use it following the Hair Lotion on wash day for extra protection and nourishing (4oz)
  3. Hair Balm. This is an oil based product that can be used as a last step to seal all the moisture in or to add shine to straight or curly styles (4oz)
  4. A Natural Styling Gel. This is a wonderful, light hold gel that will define your curls without weighing them down. It is naturally derived, with no fragrance and fantastic ingredients, so you'll love it if you tend to be sensitive to strong smells (8oz)
  5. A bonus great little portable Spray Bottle that comfortably fits in the palm of your hand. Great for refreshing your curls with water between washes.